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The Basic

Begin your weight loss journey with 'The Basic', a foundational lipotropic injection. Combining Methionine, Inositol, and Choline, it enhances your body's natural fat-burning process. This simple, yet effective formula supports liver health and fat metabolism, making it an ideal starting point for those new to weight management. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with 'The Basic'.

Pure Energy

Revitalize your weight loss regime with 'Pure Energy'. Packed with Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12), it boosts fat metabolism and energizes your body. Essential for healthy nerve and red blood cells, it’s perfect for enhancing vitality along your wellness journey. Recharge with 'Pure Energy'.

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Burn it

Turn up the heat on your weight loss journey with 'Burn it'. This dynamic combination of lipotropic MIC and Vitamin B12 is specially formulated to accelerate fat burning while providing an energy surge. The lipotropic blend aids in breaking down fat, while Vitamin B12 boosts metabolism and energy levels. Ideal for those looking to maximize their weight loss efforts, 'Burn it' is your ally in achieving a leaner, more toned physique. Experience the dual benefits of enhanced fat burning and increased energy, all in a single injection.

Power Up

Energize your body with 'Power Up'. This advanced injection is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, boosting fat reduction and overall well-being. Whether for workouts or daily activities, 'Power Up' provides the energy boost you need. Elevate your weight loss experience with 'Power Up'.

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Be Lifted

'Be Lifted' offers a holistic approach to weight loss, blending mood-enhancing and fat-burning ingredients. It's designed to uplift your spirit and assist in achieving your weight goals. Perfect for maintaining mental and physical balance, 'Be Lifted' keeps you motivated and positive.

Slim Shot

Sculpt your physique with 'Slim Shot', targeting stubborn fat areas for a more defined look. This specialized injection is for those approching their weight goals, providing an extra push towards a toned appearance. Achieve your desired silhouette with 'Slim Shot'.

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Lipo Max

Transform your body with 'Lipo Max', the ultimate lipotropic blend for serious weight loss goals. It maximizes fat breakdown and metabolism, offering a significant transformation. Unlock your body's fat-burning potential and experience a dramatic change with 'Lipo Max'.


Revitalize your body with 'Rejuvenator'. This premium injection is not just about weight loss; it's about rejuvenating your entire being. Packed with antioxidants and revitalizing ingredients, 'Rejuvenator' helps in shedding pounds while imparting a youthful vitality. Ideal for those looking to combine weight management with overall wellness, this injection is a key to unlocking a rejuvenated, healthier self. Rejuvenate your body and spirit with every dose of 'Rejuvenator'.

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